Clintyclay PS ready to welcome new P1 pupils in Sept 2014

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Clintyclay PS ready to welcome new P1 pupils in Sept 2014


Clintyclay PS is a small rural primary school based in Clonmore, Co Armagh and part of Dungannon Parish and Dungannon & South Tyrone Borough Council. We are situated just 2 miles from junction 14 or junction 13 off the M1 Motorway. Our school has been providing education for our children since 1893 and through the years many successful professionals, business owners, tradespeople, sportspeople, musicians, artists and so on have been the end product of our school’s much reputed level of high quality education and pastoral care. Clintyclay PS is open for business in September 2014…we continue to work together to campaign to safeguard the future of this central part of our community in Clonmore.

The closing date for forms for P1 pupils for the incoming school year is tomorrow (10th January) and at Clintyclay PS, we would like you to make us your first choice.


  • If you would like your child to avail of a high quality education in a caring community and family centred school then Clintyclay is the place for them. We welcome children from any religious or ethnic background.
  • If your classrooms are overcrowded and your child is not receiving the attention they deserve, Clintyclay can offer a nurturing and personal education for them. We can accept children of any primary school age into classes P1-P7.
  • If you want outstanding academic results and extra-curricular opportunities; Clintyclay has a long track record of high literacy and numeracy achievements and children attaining places in their desired second level school. We offer the likes of French lessons and swimming lessons, and ALL the children in the school have their part to play in school productions throughout the year.
  • If you want your child to form life-long friendships and bonds and learn what it is to have a sense of identity, belonging and community spirit, Clintyclay has instilled these values in their pupils for decades.If you would like more information on the school and how you can secure a place for your child contact the school on 028 8778 4498 or please drop in for a look around and to meet our dedicated staff.

Please complete this form and make Clintyclay your number one choice!! click here registration forms for P1

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