River of Life Healing Centre & Church

Pastor John Greenaway and his wife, Doreen run the River of Life Healing Centre and Church opposite Clintyclay Primary School. John  provided this written information background to the River of Life.

 “ ‘In the beginning God’, Genesis 1:1 The year was 1986, the month February, the day Wednesday, the hour was late and the night was dark. It was on this night that God turned up and a miraculous healing which shook the area around South Tyrone began the work which continues to grow even today. From February of that year John and Doreen Greenaway along with David Robinson watched the Lord heal and save multitudes across the province and by that December over 1,100 souls had come to Christ. They simply ‘preached the word and the Lord worked with them confirming the word with signs following’  Mark 16.

‘And the Lord added daily to the church such as should be saved’ Acts 2:47 In 1993 the work continued and the crowds had become so great that the ‘Acorn’ was birthed and the work of the ‘River of Life’ increased and the fellowship was born. ‘From little acorns mighty oaks grow’ people came, seed was sown and the harvest continued. Hundreds found health and freedom from sickness and received new life as they stepped across the threshold of ‘The River of Life’.

 ‘And still we ‘preach, teach and heal the sick and cast out devils’ Mark 3 14:15. On the 16th November 1996, a new building was erected to accommodate the work and in particular the various ‘Summer Camp Meetings’ which were soon to draw people from around the world. Ministry teams, evangelists and preachers graced the fellowship with fresh manna and the people were fed morning and evening. Amazing days, indeed we serve an amazing God for miracles and healings are an almost daily occurrence as people plunge in ‘The River of Life’.

The door is always open to all regardless of class or creed, all those who are weary and are sick. There is a River of Life for the sick, healing for the wounded and peace for the troubled mind here at the River of Life Healing Centre. We also have a lot of visitors from around the world over staying with us. American Indian visitors were over and the children from Clintyclay came over to the River of Life and did some Irish dancing for them and they danced for us also. Everyone had a great day talking about their own culture”

 River Of Life, 80 Clonmore Rd, Dungannon, Co Tyrone