Can you help spread the word about the “digital switchover”?

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Can you help spread the word about the “digital switchover”?

TV is switching to digital all over the UK and in a few months the traditional TV signal will be switched off in Northern Ireland. Rural Community Network needs people to spread the word across Dungannon, Cookstown and neighbouring towns and villages so that no one will lose their TV channels.

For older and disabled viewers who may find making the switch difficult, the Switchover Help Scheme is at hand to provide practical help. RCN needs volunteers from the Mid Ulster / South Tyrone area to help raise awareness of the Help Scheme in their communities so that everyone knows what help is available.

Volunteer training is taking place on Thursday 5th July in the Greenvale Hotel Cookstown from 9.30am – 2.00pm with lunch included.  The training will provide volunteers with all the information they need to do the task. No previous experience is required.

What exactly does the volunteer role involve?
We ask volunteers to visit their local area identifying people who are likely to know those in the community who will need support with the switchover. For example local shopkeepers, publicans, home helps and others who are actively involved in community life. We ask these people in turn to spread the digital switchover message. It’s through these community connections and your support that we will identify those who many require additional help.

You will be supplied with leaflets and posters to give out and also photo identification. RCN has to track progress and will ask you to report on your activity on a weekly basis. This will involve recording where you have been, who you have meet and any success stories/anecdotes.

RCN  is particularly looking for people who have access to local networks who can spread information even more widely.

Benefits of volunteering

  • This opportunity will give volunteers a real chance to get involved in community life and to help those who are most at risk of losing their TV signal.
  • It is an excellent opportunity to network in your local area and develop your networking skills.
  • Volunteering will also greatly enhance your communication skills as you meet and speak with many people from varying backgrounds.
  • We will pay out of pocket expenses for attending training and conducting this outreach work. This includes travel by car or public transport.

If you would be willing to volunteer, have any further questions or want to chat further about this opportunity please contact Amanda Boyd on 028 8676 6670 or email

For further information on the Switchover Help Scheme please call 0800 40 85 900 or visit

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